12 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Custom Builders


Are you planning to construct a new home? Before you decide anything else, you should know how to choose the right custom builder to create the home of your dreams. The right custom builder will make sure that you don't have any query in your mind and try his best to make you a happy customer. Therefore, you must know that there are many important questions to ask the custom home builder besides the cost and duration. 

Here are the 12 questions that you must ask while interviewing custom builders to choose the best one:

  1. How many years of experience you have in this field? How many houses have you built? And are you licensed? 
  2. What kind of home warranty do you offer to your customers? 
  3. Do you only build from the already existing floorplans? Can I provide my suggestions or set of plans? 
  4. Will this be possible to make changes or upgrades throughout the building process? Do I need to finalize all the construction plans before the process starts? 
  5. Who will be supervising the construction of my home? Whom should I contact and how, if I have some changes or upgrades in the construction plan during the process? 
  6. Will you provide an estimate of my home's final cost during the construction process, or you'll finalize a budget before starting?
  7. Do you build model homes that I can see before making a contract? If not, can you take some time to plan a visit to a home you built for another customer? 
  8. Do you have references or testimonials of the previous home buyers for my satisfaction? 
  9. Can we plan a tour of the current project you're working on? 
  10. Will you charge any additional fees or charges for the whole project? 
  11. Which things are the standards in the homes you built? Do you have any upgrade options? 
  12. Do you strictly follow the deadlines you give to your customers for their home completion? 

This list doesn't end here. These are the primary questions that you need to ask custom builders while interviewing. But, once the conversation has begun, the builder's answers can say a lot about him. Moreover, if you have some more queries in your mind or concerns, make sure to ask them too before making any deal. 


Trust your Gut

While you're interacting with the builders, your experience with them can help you make a decision. Observe if they are answering your questions or avoiding them? Are they interested to know your lifestyle and expectations to provide you the best service? Are they listening to you when you're telling them your requirements and set of plans? 

Your decision can turn your dream into a reality or can leave you regretting your decision. If you don't want to regret it, make sure your trust your gut feeling based upon your interaction with the custom builder. This decision will affect you in the long-term, so take your time and don't rush through this process. You'll be definitely thanking yourself later for not making any fast move. 

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